The WTCC, Tiago Monteiro #18 and the streets of Vila Real

The WTCC change is Portuguese round...and what a circuit. The Vila Real street circuit, is fast, it makes you fear it, but what it is really is the smiles and adrenaline it brings to the drivers of WTCC.

Bennani starting the crazy downhill with "Casa de Mateus" vineyard as background.

The Lada Sport team wasn't easy. "Huffy" was the only one to fishing both races, his teammates damaged the cars on Race 2.

Yvan Muller made it achieved 2nd place on the bumpy Race 2 that gave him chances to fight for 1st on the championship at the time.

The always fantastic Tom Coronel Chevrolet make the portuguese crowd go crazy with the 2 wheels thought the curbs at "Boque".

Loeb misfortune or extra confidence put him out of Race 2.

Tarquini bring some points to Honda and to himself with P3 on Race 2.

Tiago Monteiro #18 was super happy, the Portuguese fans were happy and Vila Real was bursting with joy. Everyone was already seeing him at the podium for the final race...

The colors of Honda were the focus of crowd. Tiago, Tiago the crowd was cheering him up when the Honda Civic WTCC passes by.

And up they go, Tiago and Tarquini giving their best for a great result the Honda.

Tiago who made 5th place on Race 1 and a great qualifying for Race 2, knows that Vila Real his almost impossible to overtake and takes it pedal to the metal on the start of Race 2. No more than 200m where made...the 1st place was just so near but both Lada "close their doors".  That once happy crowd and ancious just made silence, Tiago was out of the race. Everyone's dream had just collapse. Better next time, this his racing.

José Maria López won Race 1 and the championship as well. Most consistent driver along with the rest of the Citroen drivers/cars.

Congratulations to you José Maria López | Muitos parabéns José Maria López



The streets of Portugal with a twist

The other twist of this story, is that the race is no longer in Porto and the amazing streets of Boavista with the Atlantic Ocean on the background. Vila Real is the city that welcomes the WTCC and their streets will bring joy to all.

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