Saal-Digital metallic look Wall decor'

I've always wonder how it would look one of my photos in a metallic look on some wall art at my place.

Sall-Digital let me try it, and let me thank you guys for that.

2018-03-25 12.46.09.jpg

It arrived very well conditioned. I've opted for the standard mounting, it was so easy to attached to the back of the print. The choice of the print was Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish®, fantastic quality.

2018-03-25 12.46.43.jpg

You can see the texture and finish, I'm so happy with the way it came out. (too small, maybe I will order and BIGGER one next time).

It was so easy to mount the supports and the way it looks on the wall is just great.

The "on the air" look on this mounts, well...I just love it. Thank you Saal-Digital for the opportunity . The photos were made all with iPhone 7 Plus, I tough I've give it a try with that, with a little help of Darkroom presets as well. 

Give it a try if you got any doubts on your next Wall Decor,